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My month with SBS - September 2018

01 October, 2018.
Stewart Bloor
Stewart Bloor
Field Tester

With a free afternoon, I set off for a lake in Shropshire that has featured many times in my monthly SBS Baits blog. It's a club water and although the carp don't grow very big, nevertheless it is a nice venue in a picturesque setting. For me personally, although it is good to catch above-average fish, it is also important to enjoy the session. Whether you're a specimen carp angler fishing for the top end weights or the pleasure fisherman happy to catch a few tiddlers, it's all about enjoyment. I picked the right day for the session as the weather was glorious. With numerous butterflies enjoying the sunshine, it was more like the middle of June than the end of September. I do enjoy the natural world very much, and as anglers the fact that we are out there for a prolonged period of time, quietly blending in with the surroundings gives us a platform that most people don't have. Ultimately though, it is about catching fish and that's what I did in the session. I fished two rods, one with a soluble flumino cranberry pop-up and the other with 2x M2 pop-ups. Based on past experiences, I went for the latter to win in the battle of the boilies but in fact it ended 4-4, with all eight fish commons. 

Both areas fished were about three rod lengths out in just three feet of water - it's a shallow lake all round. The cranberry spot had loose boilies as well as multimix proctive pellets. The M2 also had loose boilies as well as M2 pellets. I also put out a bag of flumino groundbait in as well. Although many carp anglers don't like small fish in the swim, as long as they aren't big enough to take the boilie, I actually welcome them. I believe very much that a crowd attracts a crowd and lots of roach, tench, bream and rudd feeding in the swim will give the more wary carp added confidence. Instead of cautiously watching the baits from afar they are more likely to join in and get their heads down.


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