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Zoltán Kovács
  • Name
    Zoltán Kovács
  • Nickname
  • Date of Birth
  • Marital status
  • Child(ren)
    Two beautiful girls
  • Profession
    Competition angler and CEO of SBS Tactical Bait Products
  • Team
    SBS SziKo Team
  • Teammates
    András Szigetfalvi, György Bessenyei
  • Favourite Venue(s)
    If I would like to catch lots of fishes I choose Lake Maconka, if I need rest the mine-lake in Ecséd
  • Personal Best
    27.80 kg
  • Rod
    Free Spirit Hi-S 3.5 lb
  • Reel
    Shimano Aero Technium MGS
  • Favourite Bait(s)
    SBS - Premium Series Products with M1 flavour
When I was 5 years old I started fishing for small Bream I then progressed to Carp. The defining moment for me was when I discovered the Boilie, at the time it was a novelty bait. After reading adverts I bought many different products from many different companies but they were not as successful as the ordinary corn based baits I was using at the time. 9 years ago I met a Carp fishing World Champion who gave a short demonstration which was very impressive. I managed to catch a glimpse of the bait he used, SBS Tactical Bait Products Frankfurter Sausage Turbo Bait Dip. I quickly found a place where these products could be obtained, it was not easy as they did not have a big presence at the time. I started to test, the end result is that with excellent results in test fishing and competitions I am now the European distributor for the product. The foundation of my path to success was a World Champion who shared his secrets with me, since then I have vowed to do the same. I will not hide the methods and baits that I have used and with the help of presentations and articles I would like to help other anglers to have beautiful catches and to be successful in tournaments. Today, I can say without exaggeration that I have already helped several hundred anglers, and I am confident that thanks to hard work, in the future this number will grow rapidly.
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