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  • Boilies
    SBS has an extremely wide range of ready-made boilies. This means customers choosing the SBS brand can find an ideal bait for successful fishing in every season and in any weather condition.
  • Pellets
    Nowadays, pellets have become an almost indispensable bait for successful fishing. The various types have very different characteristics concerning the texture, the content, the grain size, the dissolve time and the oil content.
  • Hookbaits
    SBS provide an exceptional wide range of products including specially shaped baits in different flavours to suit any situation or condition. Selecting the right flavour for the season and the method of presentation is the key to success.
  • Dips
    Hookbait steeped in an SBS dip creates a favour and smell cloud around the bait. This effect strengthens the fish’s food finding stimulus, due to the use of appetite stimulators.
  • Pastes
    Thanks to the short break down time and their effect in the water, soluble pastes are the number one ancillary baits in waters rich in fish. The appetite stimulating ingredients of soluble pastes significantly increase our chance for a bite, even when the fish are not in a feeding mode.
  • Method Mixes
    SBS method mixes are the best feeding material mixes for anglers practising any kind of Carp fishing. The use of the mixes, containing high quality ingredients, is the most effective way of seducing Carp to feed as quickly as possible.
  • Base Mixes
    SBS basic mixes are made using ingredients that meet even the highest quality requirements. These mixes contain ingredients of animal and plant origin, which have all the necessary and valuable nutrients for Carp.
  • Flavours
    Four large groups of SBS flavours can be found here, The Concentrated Flavours, Premium Flavours, EARange Flavours and the Premium Liquid Attract flavours. They offer a solution for all weathers, whether the water temperature is 4°C or even 28°C.
  • Liquid Foods
    These are complex liquids containing many ingredients, which serve to make our bait more attractive. They are the indispensable components of the catchy boilies and the variety of their natural ingredients makes them irresistible to the fish.
  • Additives
    This category is comprised of the best proven SBS additives. From Betaine through Robin Red to Black Pepper oil there are several well-proven appetizers on offer which are an irresistible source of nutrients for Carp.
  • Clothing
    For a successful fishing trip it is crucial to wear high quality and practical clothing. The clothing products with SBS logo provide comfortable wear both on the waterside and on weekdays.
  • SBS Tackle Pro
    The products in this range are of a quality that is high enough to be used with confidence even under competition conditions. As a result of testing we have managed to develop a product range from which everyone can choose the best for their needs, the proper hooklink material, the proper hooks, and other accessories that match the different fishing conditions. If quality and reliability are the most important aspects of your carp rigs, then choose SBS Tackle Pro Products!
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