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  • The routine of many years in a small box

    SBS has experimented with base ingredients that have been used in carp angling for more than 30 years. Behind a part of the company’s success is the huge popularity in the base mixes developed for the lovers of boilie-making.
  • Perfect to roll!

    Boilie-rolling at home is much more than simply bait making. Boilie-making with friends is a tradition already. This is the time when you have a chance to evoke the best experiences and catches meanwhile you are making the best bait for the upcoming season based on your imagination. Call the guys, and get the boilie roller!
  • Quickly and simply!

    We were the first of the bait-producing companies to release the range of Catcher Ready-Made mixes. Just water – and for the soluble version the Gold Treasure (included in the package) – need to be added and you can produce a very attractive, homemade boilie very quickly.
  • The best just
    for the best

    The SBS products are available in several countries; this is why the members of the SBS team are testing the new mixes all over Europe. As a result of this, the best compositions are on the shelves of the tackle shops.
  • You can not make a mistake

    Everything prepared for boilie making! With the help of the SBS Base Mixes you will have the exact composition of an extremely good recipe.
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