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  • Fill the sling, set up the catapult!

    The method mixes distributed by SBS have excellent adhesive qualities and can be rolled into massive balls. This firmness allows them to be delivered with a catapult or giant sling even 100 m away from the bank.
  • This is what you need!

    You could be a big carp hunter, a feeder, match, or pole angler but the goal is still the same: attract the fish to your spot as soon as possible! With ground baits containing high quality ingredients you can have instant success on the bank!
  • You can be a world record holder too!

    Would you like to try a World Record bait? If yes, you can. Thanks to the Flumino Groundbait Zoltan Kovacs and the SBS Szi-Ko Team caught 1415,04 kg fish in 96 hours, which is a new World Record in this category.
  • Everything that you need in one box!

    In the All In Flumino Box there is everything you need! Ground bait, liquid for the mixing and two different hook baits. Just drop it into your bag and go!
  • Combine!

    During pre-baiting it is worthwhile creating balls from pellets and half-boilies, or putting them into PVA mesh. This way we can have an irresistible, carp-attracting mix of baits.
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