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  • Competition experience, worth a lot…

    The products in our range where not only tested on general fishing sessions by experts, but on competitions too. Thanks to this extreme stress we have managed to develop products which have the best results in quality, durability and reliability.
  • The last meter…

    The difference between failure and success depends on the last meter! Just think about it, what does it matter what kind of reel or rod are you using when you are sitting on the bank without a single bite. There is no compromise any more with high quality baits, hooks, lines, and other accessories! It is time for the Real Big Catch!
  • The material that binds us…

    Hook link materials and shock-leaders for all situations. Innovative solutions where your success is ours!
  • Precise, accurate and razor sharp

    As the first step in development we checked all the characteristics of a reliable hook. The tests had more than 20 aspects and the hooks would only get to the shelves of the tackle shops after successfully passing every one of them.
  • The success is hiding in the details

    We can make the “business end” perfect with those accessories that are responsible for the excellent cast, hook-hold, and playing of the fish. These are small components of the tackle box that are vital in those critical moments.
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