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  • Be creative!

    There is no limit in the variety of the different hook baits! Be creative, so you can have the Real Big Catch!
  • Never without a

    Almost every angler knows about pop-up baits. You can use them in the winter or summer, in different colours and size, either on their own or combined with sinking baits. Thanks to the unlimited combination options available in the SBS range, pop-ups must surely always be in your bait bag!
  • Balanced!

    How can we deceive the most cunning carp even, in cold water, when they are feeding cautiously? Balanced baits, or so-called wafters, are made with cork powder and these baits are the first drawn into the mouth of the fish feeding on out spot. It is a perfect weapon to include in your angling armoury.
  • Different flavours, different sizes

    In the uniquely wide range of SBS products you will find the best possible hook bait for any session. You will find the perfect shape, the perfect consistency and the perfect flavour in one. Choosing the best hook bait and bait presentation is one of the most important things in being successful as an angler! The hook baits and pellets in the SBS range offer countless options during the session, no matter the fishing method.
  • The world is colourful!

    Carp are inquisitive creatures by nature; mostly they cannot resist curiosity. The Hi Vis Fluro Pop-Up baits draw the attention of carp with their bright, florescent colour.
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