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  • You are the only one, who has it!

    Thanks to the free use of the flavours and the additives, no one else could make the same bait you have, so you could be proud of your catches with the baits you have created!
  • The sea of flavours and aromas

    Is it difficult to navigate on the sea of the SBS flavours? That is why the flavour range of SBS is so wide to satisfy every need. It could be sweet, fruity, spicy, fishy, stinky, or exotic falvour, you can find everything here.
  • Big power in
    a little bottle

    Due to the concentration even a couple of drops are enough to make 1 kg boilie! With this we can make the bait-making very economical, while the best quality flavours are being used.
  • In cold, in hot

    It shows the wild range of the products that added to the different taste we are offering flavours with different ingredients depending on the water temperature. In cold water the alcohol-based flavours, over 8 C° water temperature the oil-based flavours are the best.
  • Want to hear a secret?

    The unique, proven SBS flavours are made by secret ingredients. The recipes are treasured. The inclusion rates are set by a special coding system, thus the constant quality is guaranteed for of all the new and for all the successful old flavours.
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