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  • Move with the times!

    Pellets became indispensable baits of successful angling. Carp just can’t resist the pellets in the SBS range thanks to their high digestibility and excellent nutritional value.
  • The successful couple: You and a good bait!

    Nothing else is needed for a really successful session but you and a good bait! Only you can set a limit to your success in angling, because based on their knowledge SBS produces for you the favorite baits of the carp.
  • The strategy depends only on you

    The different pellets have different characteristics in terms of consistency, composition, grain size, solubility and in the level of oil content too. Thanks to these differences and to the extremely wide product range of SBS, the pellets offer numerous presentation and feeding possibilities.
  • There is a solution for each situation

    There are CSL pellets for cold water fishing with short break down time and low oil content, the micro pellets and the complex pellets for the slow periods when the catch rates are low and the fishy pellets with high oil content specifically designed for the summer sessions. There is a solution for each season and for each situation.
  • Which one, when?

    When we are on a short session, just for a couple of hours, then the pellets with short break down time will attract the fish to our spot. When we are on a “big fish” mission then we need to use the larger, oily pellets with long break down time.
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