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I would like to send an article, what should I do?

    The conditions and requirements for sending an article

    You will need to sign up to publish your article on After registration please be so kind to send your article to the e-mail address: We give no guarantee that your article will be published; it depends whether you have satisfied the specific requirements and on the article’s quality and professional standard. The website editor has exclusive right to make such decisions.

    As the owners of the website we reserve the right to change the content of the article and to add it to the category which best matches the style of the website.

    The website owner has the right to publish the uploaded information (parts of or extracts from it etc.) on various websites, in publications or advertisements, however, any information, picture etc. placed on the website can only be published elsewhere with the owner’s permission.

    Write a long article if you want, but it must be a genuine article, not copied. The minimum length is an A4 page (font size 12, single line space, without pictures). The article must not consist of a list of key words; it must be continuous and sensible writing. Any article where a sentence or a part of is repeated several times will not satisfy our requirements either.

    It is crucial that the picture's name must correspond to the order in the article, i.e. picture No 22. in the article must be called 22.jpg. Picture resolution and ratio: min. 800 x 600 px, the caption is a bold type given in brackets with sensibel additional information just like the one in the above example.

    Team SBS wishes you succesfull fishing!

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