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09 February, 2021.
Dejan Sovic
Dejan Sovic

Once again, it's time to take on new challenges, find new unexplored lake, try to catch a water resident and take a picture with him... First, of course I must write something about this beautiful local gravel pit Babinci, near Ljutomer in Slovenia.

As you can see in the picture, the water is beautiful and clean, so many people use it for swimming and other water sports in the warmer seasons. The fishes in it are very strong due to its high oxygen content. I've been fishing for a long time, but I've only experienced that power when catching fish here.

Among other things, there are a lot of shellfish in the water, which makes fishing difficult. It often happens that they cut even the thickest fluorocarbon. There are few catches when fishing in this place - so the shells, depth and even sharp snags from the machine that digs gravel, further destroy the motivation to fish here. But the harder it is, the more interesting it is for me.

When you have a fish on a pillow to take a picture of it, then you know that you really did your best and explored all the possibilities and factors that bring you to each success. There are a lot of factors,… I noticed that the fish move very little, so I monitored their locations a lot. Of course, the weather was also a key factor. On hot summer days, there were catches in places where you would definitely not think it was possible to get a fish,… When it rains and reducing the air pressure to normal, the fish begin to pick up intensively around all areas.

I didn’t experiment much with my baits, so I decided to fish only with pop ups, which has paid off for me countless times before as I was very successful. Especially on such deep waters, where the depths are up to 30 meters with very few flat surfaces and at the same time a with lot of rocks,… So the pop up stands out even more on the pre-prepared feed.

As always, I added pva mesh to each system, which, when dissolved in water, additionally attracts the fish to the micro-location. I crushed SBS Premium ready made boilies M1, Pva bag pellet mix M1 into bags and mixed everything with Premium M1 juice. I leave the bags for a while so that the bottom juice is absorbed into the boilies and pellets, and with that I later achieve a better attraction for catching fish.

Big baits?, .. no, .. I have one principle that I have been following for some time. Small bait's for big carp. Why would you fish with big baits if you don't have problems with small fish? Sometimes you have a casual catch of a bream, silver crucian carp or a small carp, but if this doesn't happen frequently, I find it pointless to fish with big baits. Most fish I caught in this gravel pit were caught on pop up sizes of 16mm or less. I fished on SBS Premium pop ups M1 and combined with pva stringed with the same. Success after success. At first of course I thought that water pressure on depths of +15 m affected the buoyancy of pop up. Maybe the buoyancy changes a little, but not noticeably to keep the bait from working.

I got to know and explore the gravel pit and now it’s time for me to try something new. I have river fishing in mind. Another interesting challenge for me, but the harder it is to catch the fish, the more willpower I get to reach the goal.

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